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Listen to Mad Dog's Harmonica , Native American Flute or Theremin music. From authenic rural blues to New Edge music, you can find it here. Please consider joining our subscription community to allow unlimited access to all our creative, sound-based, psychoactive projects and also to help us to create a collaborative dialog around this music. Please help us to blur the lines between listening and creating. Learn more about this music, its intent and techniques at

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So High CD Cover

Colorado Country Blues FROM MAD DOG BLUES

Purchase Mad Dog Blues' first CD, Happy Dance, at CD Baby, Band Camp, Amazon & i-Tunes. Recorded live on the radio on KGNU's Kabaret on 11-13-18, our fourth gig.

"Mad Dog Friedman — harmonica player and principal songwriter for the group Mad Dog Blues — knows what’s up. As he says it, he writes from the moment and sings from the heart." The act's newest, Happy Dance, was recorded live at the KGNU studio and amplifies the group’s "Colorado Country Blues" sounds, something hard to find amongst the cacophony of popular genres. And it is that: funky, heartwarming, and drenched with the old-school storytelling of folk songs past. It hits the soul." ~Rooster Magazine, January 2019

Delta & Hill Country Blues FROM BLUE LIGHTNING

Winner of the Colorado Blues Society Best Self-Produced CD of 2018

  • Purchase Blue Lightning's live CD, 1st Strike, at CD Baby, Band Camp, Amazon & i-Tunes. This album bristles with spontaneity. A couple of the songs featured here were being played for the first time by either Louisiana Sam or Mad Dog as they were being recorded live. One was actually composed on the spot from a phrase from the audience, and the arrangements of all the songs were unique to the moment. From the heart-felt rendition of Robert Johnson's delta blues classic, "Come On in My Kitchen," to the playful creativity of the original spontaneous composition, "It's Raining on My Chickens," 1st Strike is deep Southern country blues at its best -- live, raw and aching for deliverance.
No Strings Attached by the Mojo Medicine Show

Psychedelic, back porch blues FROM THE MOJO MEDICINE SHOW

No Strings Attached by the Mojo Medicine Show
  • Download the Mojo Medicine Show's full digital album, Legalized, at Band Camp for just $5. Six tracks with over an hour of insane electronic, strain-specific improvisations inspired by legal Colorado Cannabis featuring Mad Dog Friedman on Theremini and Dan "Mojo Man" Crecco on various iPad & iPhone synths.
Legalized by the Mojo Medicine Show

Click to find out more about Jukin' at Jack's.


Click to find out more about Out of the Blues.

Click to find out more about Seriously Fun

Special then & now versions of Mad Dog's acoustic blues love song, Shining Through.  (Also you can download, watch, or paste the video in your FaceBook page for free.Now on i-Tunes!

Shining Through - The 2007 Studio Version

(with Jeff 'Felonius' Smith on guitar)

Click here to purchase this track.

Shining Through  - The 2007 Live Version

(This live cut with Jeff 'Felonius' Smith on guitar was recorded on May 10, 2007 at Nissi's. It includes an introduction that tells the story of the song.)

Click here to purchase this track.

Shining Through - The Vault Version (A live recording of King Comfort in 1978 featuring Mad Dog on the harp & vocals & Jonathan Fuller on guitar.)

Shining Through 1978 Live Version

Click here to purchase this track.

Mad Dog does country! You can now download Mad Dog's big country hit single, At the Bar Double L from CD Baby, Band Camp or iTunes for just $0.99! Take a listen for free by using the Reverb Nation player below or clicking this link for

When the Flood Waters Came, a song of healing and hope.

by Papa Juke with Special Guests Rex Peoples, Felonious Smith & Scott Johnson

100 % of the proceeds from the sales of this song will be donated to support Boulder County musicians who suffered loses as the result of the 2013 Boulder County Flood. Donations will go to the Conscious Alliance, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, committed to supporting communities in crisis.

Thank you to all the extremely talented musicians who donated their time and talents to record this track and especially to Dan Barnhart & Arsenal Studios for supporting musicians helping musicians!

Listen to Greg Schultz's radio interview of Dan "Mojo Man" and Mad Dog Friedman on KGNU's Blues Legacy Show on 11/29/2013.

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This music has been described as New Edge Music.

My first Native American flute album, Flutations, musical meditations for wooden flute. Please take a free listen and let me know what you think. I am still very new at this music, yet it seems to come from somewhere very ancient inside of me. The flute has been for me up until this point, something I just play for myself. I am hoping by sharing this gift of wood and breath, this music may help others as much as it has helped me, taught me, soothed me, healed me and made me smile.

Flutations by Mad Dog Friedman

Songs for Our Mother, explores the common textures between nature and the spontaneous music of indigenous instruments. Featuring eleven spontaneous compositions for Native American flute and kalimba enhanced with Theremini and computer generated soundscapes, these tracks utilize an interesting blend of what on first glance may appear as incongruous elements to create an amazing interweaving of lush sonic layers in celebration of the connection between Mother Earth and human artifice.

Songs for Our Mother

Between Two Worlds is about embracing the harmony of duality, facilitating creative transition and cultivating the bliss intrinsic to the awakening spirit. Sometimes we get stuck, not sure which way is forward and which is back. Yet, whether we stumble on in befuddlement or stride confidently forward with clarity, we must keep moving, knowing change is all that is constant, and keep expanding our hearts and minds, knowing that our love and vision are all that is important. There is magic afoot in this music, magic that can rejuvenate the weary, soothe the forlorn, help heal the deep wound and illuminate the always journey.

Between Two Worlds Cover

Not Far from Hear is spontaneous improvisations on Celtic harp by Alexander Bernat and on Native American flute and Moog Theremini by Mad Dog Friedman. This is our first album recorded together as duo.

Not Far From Hear Cover

Breathe is pure Native American Flute relaxation music, and makes a perfect for background for your next message or yoga session.

Breathe Cover

Alex & Mad Dog Live is a recording of our first full live show (almost a full 2 hours of improvisational music) just as it was performed at Espresso Vino in Lafayette, Colorado on August 31, 2016.

Alex & Mad Dog Live Cover

Au Naturel is relaxation and meditation music that is clean, simple and au naturel. Spontaneous compositions by Mad Dog Friedman and Alexander Bernat all recorded as first takes. No overdubbing was used in the recording and minimal processing and effects were used in the mixing and mastering.

Au Naturel is relaxation and meditation music that is clean, simple and au naturel. Spontaneous compositions by Mad Dog Friedman and Alexander Bernat all recorded as first takes. No overdubbing was used in the recording and minimal processing and effects were used in the mixing and mastering.

The Thaw is Alex & Mad Dog’s sixth improvisational collaboration. Like The Thaw, Au Naturel (2017), Alex & Mad Dog Live (2016) and Not Far from Hear (2016) feature just the duo with Alex on Celtic harp and Mad Dog primarily on Native American flute. Alex also appears along with Mad Dog on significant portions of Apples & Honey (2017) and Between Two Worlds (2016).

The Thaw by by Mad Dog Friedman and Alexander Bernat
Be Tankfull was recorded on May 15 & 16, 2018, in the Tank, a truly amazing and unique sonic wonderland. We send this music out as a heartfelt, tangible token of our gratitude to Tanksounds - The TANK Center for Sonic Arts and the Chamber of Commerce of Rangely, Colorado, for making this all possible and making The Tank experience available to all.



  • To find out why my spontaneous Theremini compositions may induce altered states of mind allowing access to your full mental and creative potential, or to find out if a personalized sound therapy session may be helpful to you, please see
  • If you find this music helpful or enjoyable, please consider joining our subscription community which provides full access to all my Theremin music. Visual Soundscapes (My Theremin YouTube Playlist) is a new way to experience my Theremin Sound Art. This is also a great way to get acquainted with my Theremin music since it features selections from all my Theremin CD's.

  • Hand in the Machine -My first solo Theremin album. Six tracks, with over an hour of somewhat musical experimentation, all one-take, live stereo recordings of spontaneous compositions. This is great album to pick up if you are interested the range of sound a single person can squeeze out of a Moog Theremin and a pedal board.

  • Drones for Peace - This album has changed my life. It represents my first explorations with the Moog Theremini and my Electro-Harmonix Ravish Sitar Pedal. I stumbled on a world so sonically rich, I have become obsessed (Releasing four CD's featuring my Theremin in under six months. Finally I can play what I have been hearing in head my whole life. Listen everyday. It might change your life as well.

  • Cranial Sacred explores the power of Theremin music to rewire your brain waves for relaxation and optimal wellness.

  • The Symphony of Heart is a solo Theremini symphony in six movements. The challenges and promises of a technologically driven society create a psychological backdrop for this spontaneous composition.

  • The Astral Project is my first album to embed binaural beats targeting specific states of consciousness with each successive track progressing into deeper relaxation. Combined with music modulation, audio filtering, pulsing dissonance and deep resonance, the strategic use of special healing frequencies and attention to the opening of chakra vibrational centers, The Astral Project blends this mix with some of my more psychoactive live Theremini compositions to induce a deeply relaxed and creative state of mind. All tracks on this album feature binaural beats that are most effective when they are listened to through headphones.

  • Went back to the Theremin primarily for this album, Gems, and then Kristin came in and helped out. Wow! Her ability to feel and flow with this music amazes! I am not always sure if she is throwing down in some exotic languages. (Where is harry Potter when need him. Anyone translate Parsel tongue?) These tracks are some real gems. Enjoy!

    Gems by Mad Dog Friedman

  • Click to play "Last Day of Vacation Blues," "Sun Don't Shine" & "Those Boys" from Jenn Cleary's Back to the Wheel (2010) CD with Mad Dog on harmonica:

  • Check out the Dueling Harps featuring the amazing harp work of Chris "the Hammer" Hammang & the Mad Dog backed by the ever steady beat of "Burnin' " Bridges on brushed snare.

  • For lovers of acoustic blues: A non-traditional version of the the traditional gospel tune Will the Circle be Unbroken performed by the Johnny & the Dog and recorded live on KRFC 's House Rent Party. (Thank you Jeff!)

  • Listen to Kate Keiser singing the traditional gospel tune, Wade in the Water, recorded live at the Outlook Hotel in April of 2007.  ( Mark Kaczorowski on is guitar & Mad Dog is on harp, both from Blame the Dog, are backing her).

  • Listen to Mad Dog's Dime Store Woman Blues recorded on KRFC 's Live at Lunch with now defunct but forever funky Harmonica Loowinski on 7/7/2005. (Right mouse click on the link to download this mp3 for free.)

  • Also you can download, watch, or paste the video in your FaceBook page for free. From the Mad Dog Vault: King Comfort's version of Mad Dog's Had A Little Woman Blues recorded live at the Alameda Tavern in 1978 featuring Jonathan Fuller on guitar. (This is a big one so you better save it to your hard drive first and open it with your MP3 player after it's done downloading.)

  • Click to hear Something Better Than This from the Live at the Depot CD. One of Shawn Wright's finest songs, this is the Mr. Wright & the Dog's live acoustic performance of this moving tune at the Depot in November of 2002. (This is a big one so you better save it to your hard drive first and open it with your MP3 player after it's done downloading.)

  • Click to download the studio version of Shawn Wright's rockin' new grass song, Rocky Mountain Wind as recorded by the Work Release Project in the Winter of 2003. This track features the unique banjo style and trumpet work of "DanBob" Fink along with the "ska grass" harmonica of the Mad Dog. (This is a big one so you better save it to your hard drive first and open it with your MP3 player after it's done downloading.)

  • Shawn Wright's classic raucous love song, I Nailed Your Best Friend in the Back Seat of My Car, is now just one click away. Check out this Work Release Project original now. It is guaranteed to make you feel better about those who have done you wrong! (This is a big one so you better save it to your hard drive first and open it with your MP3 player after it's done downloading.)
  • Check out Mad Dog's online collaborations:
    (from Indaba Music)
    Mad Dog with Yo-Yo Ma doing "YO DOG"
    Mad Dog with the Derek Trucks Band doing "Get What You Deserve"


    All the videos you are enjoying above are linked below in I-Pod ready mp4 (m4v) format. You may need to download the free Quicktime Player to view them from here. You may also subscribe to or just watch our podcast or put the videos directly into I-Tunes.  (To download a video to watch on your computer or I-Pod simply right click (click with with your RIGHT mouse button) on the the name of the song below for the video you want to download. Then select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" from the menu that appears and tell your computer where you want to save the video on your hard drive).

        1. Mad Dog doing Hear Me Crying at his Harmonica: So Low CD Release Party with Chris Hammang
        2. Shining Through by Mad Dog with Felonius Smith
        3. Papa Juke doing Wet Dog Blues
        4. The Jenn Cleary Band doing Peace in Our World
        5. Johnny and the Po'boys doing Love You in the Morning
        6. Icemen with special guest Mad Dog doing Be Good To Me
        7. The Jenn Cleary Band doing Here and Now
        8. Mad Dog doing Every Morning at his Harmonica: So Low CD Release Party
        9. Mad Dog doing Pass My Hat at his Harmonica: So Low CD Release Party
        10. Mad Dog doing Well Babe at his Harmonica: So Low CD Release Party
        11. Mad Dog's Harmonica Blow Down at his Harmonica: So Low CD Release Party
        12. Mad Dog doing White Lightening at his Harmonica: So Low CD Release Party
        13. Mad Dog Grandma doing at his Harmonica: So Low CD Release Party

    These videos are in Windows Media Player Video (*.wmv) format:

  • For a quick peek at the original Harmonica Loowinski "bottom boys" working it! Be sure to watch this video clip!

  • These videos are in *.mpeg format: